On Marriages and Cell Phones

I haven’t posted on Resurrecting June in a very long time, letting it take a backseat to my homesteading blog, Jarring Life. But, the original topic for this blog was really marriage, and that has been on my mind lately.

Cell phones. We spend a lot of money on our cell phones. And to protect our phones, we buy expensive cases to protect them. We watch over our phones, keep up with them, make sure they are safe. We spend time on them, lots of time. We recharge their batteries when they are low. We protect our investment.

What if we did the same for our marriages. Do we protect them from the world? Do we spend time with our spouse, help them to recharge after a long day?

We need to safeguard our marriages like we safeguard those little cellular devices. The world is filled with pitfalls, and problems, and even temptations. Our marriages are precious, so much more precious than the newest iphone release, and they deserve our time and attention. I look around and see so many of us treat our phones so carefully and our relationships haphazardly.

Marriage is sacred. It is a vow we make to God, to love and honor and cherish this person. Sadly in the news, in the media, at work, walking down the street, I can see people playing fast and loose with their marriages.

Let’s start putting Otterboxes around our marriages. That is the relationship that is meant to last, not upgraded every two years.

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