I’ll have to ask my wife

“I’ll have to ask my wife.”

These are a little words, but they have made me happy every time I have heard my husband say them. Whether it is when we were discussing selling something, or changing our television service, or our plans for the weekend, I really enjoy the partnership these words bring.

I work to be a Proverbs 31 Wife, and my husband is far from hen-pecked. But we do try to make decisions together. He always says that we make a great team. I feel that books on Christian marriages get a bad rap, because people hear “submit to your husbands” and imagine that means meek and sad little wives bending to their husbands’ every whim. But while my husband is not hen-pecked, neither am I a shrinking violet granting his every wish.

Rather, I think peace comes from working together. God created Eve to be Adam’s helper, not his servant. We are to help him, to work together, to plant a garden, build a home, raise children. It is a partnership, not a dictatorship.

When my husband says, I’ll have to ask my wife, it is not because he is concerned I will yell at him otherwise, or because I have told him he has to. He does it because he respects my opinion, just as I respect his. We are in this together, and he wants my opinion as we make decisions (and sometimes make mistakes) for our lives together.

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